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M2AP Board (Mount Mercy's Activity Programming Board) consists of seven different committees: Craft Night, Late Night, Game Night, Big Events, Recruitment & Retention, Graphics, and Social Media.

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Game Night

Late Night 

Game night committee plans bingos, trivia’s, scavenger hunts ect. We build events from the group up and really work to make the events as interactive as possible 

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Recruitment & Retention

Recruitment and Retention is a committee in M2AP Board, that works together to encourage students to join our club and comes up with ideas to thank and reward our current members for all the work that they do!

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Big Events

Late Night involves bringing in events that usually happen in the evening. We bring in comedians, hypnotists, spoken word artists, and small coffee shop bands

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Craft Night

The Craft Night Committee creates and hosts craft events for all of campus from the ground up. Everything from painting to tie blankets to planting succulents. 

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The Big Events committee puts on all of the large-scale events on campus this includes, but is not limited to: Welcome Back Bash, UC Takeovers, Build-a-Critter, and Vegas Night. Big Events is where creativity and professionalism coexist and flourish. By planning and designing events you are presented with the opportunity to explore your inner child while gaining organizational skills and critical thinking habits. Big events provides a fun outlet and break from school while still furthering your academic journey. 


Graphics Committee is where you can either show off your artistic skills, or go out of your comfort zone and try something new! MMU isn't an art school, so having artistic talent is definitely not required to be a part of the Graphics Committee! What we do is create the A-Frame designs you see in the UC, 2nd floor Basile, and right as you come into the library! We also do the bulletin boards on the main floor of Regina and McAuley basement! We also have a poster intern that creates all our posters for our upcoming events, but they are not a part of the club itself! If that does interest you, email! We also come up with innovative ways to reach and connect with the MMU community! If you have any ideas, join us and we'd love to see what you have in mind!

Social Media

The social media committee promotes graphics on our social media pages to spread the word about upcoming events M2ap Board is hosting and we work alongside graphics as well. Social media platforms we use are Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

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